Salome is a profound healer. Her ability to connect and tune in to my energy field and system is so accurate. She has a way of providing such unconditional love; that it feels incredibly supportive. Thank you for helping me stay more present with myself so that I can track my emotional and physical feelings, and my thoughts. Your energy medicine is invaluable ~ Much love, Lauren Perry

I have known Salome since 2 years and could observe her. In her work of energy healing, Salome is a powerful and strong woman with a big heart. She is aware of people’s suffering and brings a loving presence with useful insights for those people. She also brings much joy and aliveness. She is committed in what she does. She stands for what she believes and has the courage of her opinions.

I took classes with Salome in Miami and Weston (FL) from October 2014 to June 2016.

– Madeleine Demierre, Switzerland

Salome is a powerful healer and gifted intuitive, with a shining and compassionate heart. Her profoundly holding and nurturing energy helps me feel safe in her healing sessions. Her knowledge of psycho-emotional processes allows her to help unpack limiting beliefs and create the space for more fulfillment and aliveness in life. Drawing from her ancestral Amazonian roots, she runs a powerfully tangible healing current that exceeds most healers I have encountered. Salome’s work is really quite amazing; it’s something you need to experience firsthand. I feel grateful to have encountered her and experienced her sessions — they have certainly changed my life for the better.

Harrison, Berkeley, CA

I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the hand-on healing work of Salome Torres… she is a gentle, compassionate healer and health coach who has impressed me with her deep understanding of the physical, psychological, and energetic factors that affect our health. Combining her health and nutrition knowledge, spiritual insights, and her ability to tune in to your individual needs, Salome can help you reach your wellness goals.” 

– Jed Shlackman, LMHC – Miami, FL

Salome Torres does amazing distance healing sessions. Over the years, I’ve had in person healings (never distance) by other healers I have met along my journey and those were nice to have had and resulted in “baby step” growth for me. They were not as far reaching or in depth as the two recent distance healings I’ve been blessed to have experienced by this Angel Salome whose name means or is the vibration of “Peace”. Personally, my healing seems to continue from those two sessions and I look forward to when the time is right for my next session. Her supportive nature shows the depth of her wisdom. Salome is not just a hobby healer but rather a professional who is highly trained in Brennan Healing Science and she is living her life purpose now. And so, it’s clear to me why she is so very effective in tuning in to what is needed.

I’ve been so amazed, that I decided to give a distance healing by Salome as a gift this past Christmas. I cannot think of a better gift to give because there are few things you can give that have an effect like this for the people in your life that are important to you. I would encourage anyone who has had, or never had a healing in person or distance to contact Salome and book an appointment. I promise you it will be the best decision of your life!

-Michael Trem – League City, Texas 

Several months ago, I received a gift for a Distance Energy Healing with Salome.  I did not know what to expect, but went ahead and contacted Salome and scheduled an appointment.

Prior to the appointment, she had asked for a list of things I might want to work on and even though I wasn’t exactly sure what kinds of things could be dealt with, I went ahead and told her about some physical issues, low energy, and thyroid problems that I had been having.  We spoke briefly before the session began and then I was to relax and make sure that I would not be disturbed.

I became very relaxed during the session and could actually feel warmth at different times and different areas.  Toward the end, I actually felt a very strong ‘jolt’, but was still very relaxed and strangely invigorated at the same time.  She told me to take my time and call her when I was ready to talk about the session.

I really enjoyed our conversation afterward.  She was patient with me and answered all of my questions, explained what she had done as well as some things that she had sensed about me and she was very accurate in her intuition!  She also gave me some homework to do to help with some of my issues. 

I was amazed at how much better my physical issues were immediately and even better the very next day.  I also noticed significant differences while following the directions for the homework that she had given me. 

I decided to have another session and ended up having several and each time I was surprised by her insight and knowledge.  Among her instructions, she also gave me some recipes to specifically help my thyroid and it definitely seems to help!  I have been astounded by the breadth of the healing; I had no idea it could help me in so many ways.

I feel that we have cleared up a lot of my health issues and I was about to embark on some Nutritional Readings with her, but alas ‘life’ has temporarily gotten in the way.  I look forward to my further sessions with her though!

If you are unsure as to trying it out or not; I say, “Jump on in!”  Go into it with a positive, relaxed, and open attitude and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

-Timothy S, Texas

Salome and I have been working together for a while.   I had the pleasure to receive her hands on healing and also to give her acupuncture treatments. 

Salome’s hands were amazing, they did the work without even touching me; she was able to know what was happening in my body and which parts needed work just by passing her hands over me.  Her clear intention coming from her heart, gave me peace and tranquility, a moment  of conscience, a seed of warmth to my soul.

While I use needles in the body in specific points to make the energy move, Salome just needed her hands to do it, she found the root of my yin deficiencies, the reason of my digestive discomfort and she provided useful guidance to overcome the moments of anxiety that I was going through.  I want to thank Salome for giving me the opportunity to experience her healing work.”     

– Sergio Garcia, Miami, FL


“I received a healing session from Salome Torres after injuring my ankle. I was experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort and Salome applied a gentle healing to my ankle, foot and leg. Even though she didn’t touch me, I could feel a warmth in the area and it greatly eased my pain. Salome has a natural sense of the energy flow which helped my ankle to heal more quickly and I was able to stop using my crutches to walk. Thank you Salome!”

– Maureen Maguaran, MD – Andover, Massachusetts

“Truly relaxing, is very much a spiritual and healing experience, Salome has a very pleasant nature which can make you comfortable as soon as you meet her, I even fell asleep in her comfy care. She is very knowledgeable and intuitive, she knew there was something going on in my eyes even before I told her, On an other healing I came in emotionally drained and  sad… she made my body feel so good! I felt energized and perfect relief then on, I highly recommend everyone to see her.”

– Nancy Yanez – Salt Lake City, Utah

“Salome Torres is a very intuitive, gifted natural healer who is as well excellently trained. Being in the healing arts myself I am very discerning about whom I have work on me and I can say Salome’s work was very healing and peaceful yet there was much strength in the flow of the healing energy, and the feeling was quite unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before in my 15 years of working with many many different approaches. My two sessions with Salome were done distance and her intuitive abilities as to what was going on with me in my body and energy system were clear and concise. During the 2nd session at about the 35 minute mark I got a phone call which was quite abrupt and I had to take the call and she even knew that the work she was doing with me distance was completed for the time being, without knowing I had to take a call 🙂  

Salome is very understanding and professional and naturally gifted, I’m not sure exactly how she does her work but it works and I was impressed. Very much recommend her. Thank YOU!!!”

– Anthony T – Los Angeles, California

I found Salome to be a great listener and to address the real issue I was struggling with. She is very insightful and compassionate.

It was my first time doing a therapy off this sort. I was a bit doubtful and didn’t know what to expect. However, Salome’s kindness and commitment was wonderful. I truly enjoyed.

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