Bip & Supervision Sessions

BIP, Brennan Integration Practitioner

In addition to the 4-year program, Salome graduated from an advanced 2-year training program at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing where she learned to proficiently facilitate a personal process for individuals and groups.

A BIP session lasts 60 minutes; it supports the ongoing growth and awakening of the client, it provides a mindful space where the client can receive emotional support, compassionate listening as well as an understanding of psychological trends and characterology. 


Sessions available in English and Spanish, in-person, phone or Skype.

Supervision Sessions

A Supervision session is a form of professional development that looks at the healer – client relationship and supports the healer to have a better outcome with the client by transforming emotional reactions into healing responses. This creates a beautiful, strong, holding container for the client’s transformation.

Supervision lasts one-hour, in-person or Skype and is designed to help practitioners/healers with a specific client they have a problem, questions or a blind spot with.